Visiting Scholar for Hawaii Soil Health

Who: Martin A. Sampson Benavides is a Visiting Scholar and recent B.S. graduate of the Panamerican Agricultural University, Zamorano, Honduras.

Inspiration: Martin is inspired to help farmers in Nicaragua be sustainable and efficient and to achieve that a strong background in soil science is needed, which does not stop in the field.

With most experience in the field, Martin wanted to complement that knowledge with laboratory experience and learn more about the science behind soil health. For the past several months, Martin primarily provided much needed assistance in the lab analyzing a back-log of soil health samples in preparation for a wave (maybe tsunami is better wording) of samples expected starting in the summer. In addition to his previous experience as an intern, researcher, and farm production supervisor, the laboratory experience will help him be as holistic as possible for his future career goals that may include running a laboratory himself

This summer, Martin will return to the field providing much needed and appreciated assistance with a post-pandemic field campaign to sample 2 Andisols, under 3 land uses, each at 5 locations around the island. From that, we will be able to compare our Hawaii Soil Health parameters to the national NRCS parameters directly.

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