Analysis of solid samples for carbon and nitrogen, weight percent. (EA)

$6 per element

Analysis of solid samples for carbon isotope, δ 13C. (CRDS)


Analysis of water for total dissolved carbon, inorganic carbon and total organic carbon and total nitrogen (Shimadzu TOC/TDN)

$11 per solute

Analysis of gas samples for carbon dioxide concentration (Perkin Elmer GC)


Analysis of gas samples for CO2, N2O, and CH4. (Shimadzu GHG)


Analysis of water samples for nitrate/nitrite, ammonium, aluminum, calcium, chloride, magnesium, manganese, orthophosphate, potassium or sodium (Lachat Autoanalyzer)

$6.50 per solute

Analysis of samples for copper oxide oxidative products of lignin and cutin/suberin (Shimadzu GC-MS).  See also, additional costs for sample extraction, technician time, and time on GC-MS.


Technician Time


Time on GC-MS



Sample Preparation:







Hot Water Carbon Extraction


Sample Extraction for Lachat Autoanalyzer


Sample Extraction for CuO-Lignin