Introducing Val Fajotina, Crow Lab Intern

Valerie M. Fajotina

Who Student, currently enrolled in Leeward Community College Associate in Science (AS) Sustainable Agriculture program 

Inspiration Helping children use nature to learn to be free and safe individuals, empowered by their thoughts. Check out The Keiki Paʻaini Project, LLC 

In addition to being a student, Valerie is a mother, avid learner, entrepreneur, Veteran, contributor @bad_motherfarmer. Featured in GoFarm Hawaii Home Gardening Basics Episode 1. Military experience provided her with data collection and complex, “system of systems thinking” experience that may be applied creative and productively to soil health and agriculture in Hawaii.

Valerie’s combination of on-farm and data science experience allows her to uniquely contribute to the development of a privacy policy and data input features for our research group’s web-based Hawaii Soil Health Tool.  For her internship, she will simultaneously refine features for the tool that make it both accessible to farmers currently participating in soil health trials and protected to ensure all our users’ privacy.

We’re excited to work with Val on her internship in the coming months!

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