Information for Prospective and Current Lab Members

Information for prospective and current lab members

Advisor-student expectation document <link to file Mentoring Expectations>

Cleanliness and Basic Principles in the Soil Ecology and Biogeochemistry Lab <link to file Principles in the Lab>

UH Manoa Environmental Health & Safety Office

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and quality control

SOPs in the Crow Lab are provided as guides, or a starting point, for routine analyses frequently conducted by researchers in the group.  If you are the first to develop a new method in the lab, you will draft an SOP so that others may replicate it.  When one is developed, the initials of the author, date, and references from which the methods are drawn should be recorded and preserved.  Subsequent researchers may revise or update the protocol, preserving previous author information and adding references and content.  Notes should be recorded at the end with observations or recommendations specific to certain soils or conditions.  The documents become a source of institutional knowledge passed down within the lab.  They are not, however, something to be followed blindly step-by-step.  My expectation is that researchers always think about the protocol, how to apply it, and what improvements or clarifications may be made for the future.  Master files for SOPs may be found on the lab network, it is the researcher’s responsibility to update the master files and print new versions for the binder.

Analytical Basics – A starting point for essential quality control

Blanks and Standards <link to file Analytical Basics_experimental blanks>

EA 96 well plate template <link to file EA 96 well plate.doc>


Open Access and Data Management and Sharing