Soil & Carbon

Susan E. Crow, Ph.D., Soil Ecology and Biogeochemistry

An ecologist and biogeochemist who studies the natural carbon (C) cycle and human impacts on the soil environment.


Work includes manipulative field experiments, natural gradient studies, isotopic analysis (13C and 14C), and laboratory trials.


A central theme of work is global change impacts on ecosystems, natural and managed, and the services they provide to society: global change issues include climate change, introduction of invasive species, land-use change, land management practices, etc.


Current research projects center on three primary areas:


1) Biofuel production,

2) Sustainable agriculture,

3) Mechanisms of C stabilization.


Biofuels -

Improving the sustainablility of biofuel feedstock production.


Agriculture -

Protection of soil resource for future generations.

Current research areas:

Soil Carbon Stabilization -

Process-based understanding of how and why of carbon sequestration.